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Visual Escapes

Travel websites can be used to showcase various destinations, resorts, and booking services. It’s important to feature the locations you are promoting through high-quality imagery and interactive media within your website’s design. For customers looking to plan their getaways, this imagery can help to sell not only your destination, but your service offerings as well. A handful of carefully crafted imagery can go a lot further than crowded pages with small thumbnails, and will leave visitors with an enjoyable online experience.

Credible Booking Options

In order to gain the trust of your customers, the design of your travel website needs to communicate credibility and authority to all online visitors. Include customer reviews of the services you offer, as well as the destinations you represent. Make sure that the entire experience of the user is seamless by providing them with clear pricing, and compiling all of their plans into one itinerary. This provides them with an optimal online experience, with little to no complications in creating their travel plans.

Simplified Navigation

Navigating your travel website should be the easiest part of a customer’s journey. You should present visitors with straightforward search and filter options that help them find the information they need as quickly as possible. Including extra design features such as predictive search, letting users select their “favorite” options, or even maps will keep your website, and your audience, organized instead of overwhelmed. Each of these elements can be crucial aspects to your design that will help users effortlessly plan a trip.

Mobile Compatibility

In today's world, individuals are making travel plans on the go, and it is essential for your website to have a responsive design in order to meet the needs of these potential customers. When your website is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, travelers are able to access the information they need, and move forward in converting into customers for your brand. Mobile compatibility not only makes your website stand out, but your overall business in the travel industry.

Compelling Copy

While a picture is worth a thousand words, they can only provide a certain amount of details to a person searching for more information about a destination. Make your business stand out from other travel websites with rich copy that truly immerses people in the environment they are hoping to visit. Give a deeper understanding of their accommodations, the surrounding areas, neighborhoods, and activities that will be available to them. This will help to not only draw these customers in, but lead them to converting as well..

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