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If you are looking for the customizable and budget-friendly software testing services, then The Team Matrix here to offer you a wide variety of software testing services for both the desktop and mobile based applications. Our unique combination of software specialists is with proven expertise in testing the tools and methodologies. We maintain the constant communications with your development team while you are testing the mobile or desktop applications.

We provide the best solutions and control over the process, consequential in the higher productivity of your existing teams and releases. The Team Matrix outsourcing testing work is more specialized service provider always where it is the best solution for saving and building a high-quality aggressive product in the market.

Manual and automation testing services:

Why The Team Matrix software quality promise the services:

  • The Team Matrix team members help to provide the independent software tests which are constantly repeat to find out the different defects than a group of testers that work within a software development team or developers where that who have the moderate testing skills and knowledge.
  • We make sure that the proper money is spent on the training, testing tools, test equipment, and more, as our software testing team that has a separate budget. They are the team of testing engineers and are specialists where that can bring their own assumptions for testing’s and to reviews. This help in finding out the hidden defects and problems in mobile or desktop applications.
  • Proper communications are maintained between our testing team and your development team so that, we can report while testing the results honestly, without any concern and provides you to complete the results within the minimum turnaround.

Testing Services

Mobile Application Testing

The Team Matrix offers the end to end mobile application testing services where the customers have a choice to choose smoothly switch which alternative to mobile applications. Mobile application testing has now become a critical business function. Our major services are mobile devices, operating systems, domains and platforms. We begin the mobile application testing from creating the test cases, load and UI testing, performing the regression and finally running it on a different type of devices / simulators / cloud.

We follow mobile application testing’s manually:

βœ” Core Functional Testing.
βœ” UI and Usability Testing.
βœ” Installation/Un-installation of mobile app in different type of devices.
βœ” Check with different network modes like call & SMS mode.
βœ” Speed of web apps for its internal workflow.
βœ” Test data/cache clearance.
βœ” Test Mobile apps in wireless by dis-connectivity, low connectivity, Wi-Fi, on 2G and 3G network.
βœ” Check memory leakages.
βœ” Check Battery usage.
βœ” Check the long periods of running the app in device.
βœ” Check for RAM usage.
βœ” Check Mobile app with Apple, Windows and Android app- store guidelines while testing.
βœ” Download and install mobile app from app store and do confirmation testing.

Types of Mobile Testing:

βœ” Mobile App Testing on Devices both native & web-based.
βœ” Mobile App Testing on Tablets - windows surface, iPad etc.
βœ” Automated Mobile App Testing - appium & robotium and solenoid.
βœ” Game testing on mobile.
βœ” Cross platform mobile app testing.
βœ” Mobile web testing.

We provide a solid establishment for structured mobile testing’s that is based on four essentials: They are:

βœ”A business-driven test management in advance.
βœ” A structured test process and lifecycle models.
βœ” Employing a complete toolbox.
βœ” Adaptive test methods.

Why The Team Matrix Mobile Application Testing’s:

Our mobile application testing brings the industry leading expertise of The Team Matrix’s mobile solutions and testing large-scale services line. We have the proven tracking records of supporting clients to identify and implement their vision and business needs for the mobile solutions.

Our well supported and dedicated team has several years of experience in mobile app development where you can talk to us directly to find that how you can meet the suitable mobile solutions and delivers the high quality application to your customers.

Web Application Testing:

In today’s competitive world people always need to test their web applications before they launch the website. Through the web application testing only, any organization can make sure that their web application works perfectly and it is easily accepted by the end of the users. These techniques check the web application browser compatibilities; load testing, stress testing, scalability, testing resolution testing etc. By presenting a quality web application it doesn’t breaks, works professionally and delights the users very naturally that builds the foundation of trust between you and your customers. They are happy to use it more frequently and even they refer it to takes in. Testers would test the web applications on different types of browsers that to ensure the application behaviors which is dependable on all the browsers.

Some of the Web application testing services is:

Functional testing:
The functional testing’s of the application such as calculation, validation links, business logic and navigation that should be proper.
They also focus on the easiness that is a use of the web application testing’s. The exterior of the web pages, the steering should be proper and user friendly. Look and feel at the web application testing’s where that must be a good.
The integration between the browser and servers, hardware and software, applications and the data where that should be a validated by the testers.
The security of any web applications is the most important factor while they are testing it. The security of the web application will be validated properly by the testers. The agreement and access control of the applications that should be properly tested. The security controller is validated properly.
The performance of the web application should be always validated properly where it should be load the tested and stress tested properly.

Technologies at The Team Matrix:

βœ” Sound understandings of HTML, CSS, Java scripting, AJAX
βœ” Good understanding of web servers like apache, tomcat etc
βœ” Ability to derive the test cases from SRS and Use Cases
βœ” Understanding of different types of platforms like Windows, Mac, Solaris, Linux
βœ” Expertise in dealing with different bug tracking systems
βœ” Profound in SDLC and STLC
βœ” Certified testers from leading certification agencies
βœ” Familiarity with the different business domains
βœ” Hands on experience on automation tools
βœ” Experience in testing of security vulnerabilities such as XSS attacks, SQL injection
βœ” Good understanding of different databases, Oracle, My SQL, SQL

Key Points:

βœ” Several years of experience in said technologies.
βœ” Team members with highly experienced test engineers with maximum experience.
βœ” Achieve the awards in the process of project development with given technology.

Manual Software Testing:

Manual software testing is a mandatory testing where there is no test automation which happens without a manual testing. By doing the manual test that is to automate the test first, then we must make the applications which are stable, then we can carry on for the automation. It is the process to find out the maximum number of errors and defects. The testing process is oldest and melodious where the user can find out the virus across the applications. In this application process, the user can begin the testing of the application process in front of the computer. The manual testing is affordable that is more likely to detect the real user issues and it is also flexible. Hence, it can be expanded and may also require for the testers which is more skilled.

We are providing following Manual Testing services:

βœ” Acceptance testing
βœ” Integrated testing
βœ” Black box testing
βœ” White box testing
βœ” Unit testing
βœ” System testing

Benefits of Manual Software Testing:

βœ” Services by highly skilled and competent manual testers
βœ” Flexible manual testing services which can be easily customized to serve the individualistic requirements of every client.
βœ” Timely services to develop robust, secure and scalable applications.
βœ” 24/7 support available in case of any queries or,
βœ” problems with the website/applications
βœ” Cost-effective pricing

Advantages of Manual Testing:

βœ” Better GUI Testing
βœ” Better Usability Testing
βœ” Free of Machine Defects
βœ” Detailed Analysis of Program
βœ” Recording of Possible Defects
βœ” Identifying Non Testable Requirements
βœ” Allows Focus on Software Development
βœ” Better Understanding of the Functionality

Software Agile Services:

In today’s dynamic and energetic business situations, it becomes very important for the enterprises that are to accept The Team matrix Software Agile development process which achieves the faster time to time market with reasonable price. Our certified and experienced agile professionals offer the product engineering services for the purpose of business across the domains and industries. The Team Matrix is passionate about nonstop improvement and teamwork which is combined with our high standards and experience. We are strives to become a principal global company in the areas of Software, Products, Web and Engineering services.

Software Agile Service Factor:

βœ” Specific software services
βœ” separates the services and solutions while delivering
βœ” Automatic designs by contract basis
βœ” delivers the high integrity
βœ” Agile method is independent
βœ” It allows fully that customizable enterprise applications by infrastructure platform
βœ” The entire configurable code generators for the local structures and standards
βœ” The model is driven the business framework for the business developer extensions
βœ” There is no recovery runtime and no lock-in
βœ” uses the open source languages, tools and codes
βœ” complement on conventional and PaaS solutions development and deployment environments

Where The Team Matrix Works:

βœ” Active user involvement
βœ” Team must be empowered to make decisions
βœ” Requirements develop but timescale is fixed
βœ” Capture requirements at a high level, lightweight and visual
βœ” We develop the small, incremental releases and iterate
βœ” We mainly focus on frequent delivery of products
βœ” Before moving on to the next we complete the each feature
βœ” Testing is included throughout the project lifecycle
βœ” A collaborative & co-operative in advance which is between all stakeholders that is essential

Benefits of working with us:

βœ” Focus on business value
βœ” Predictable the costs and their schedule
βœ” Transparency
βœ” Early and the expected delivery
βœ” Allows for the changes
βœ” Stakeholder’s engagement
βœ” Focus on the users
βœ” Improves the quality of work

Software Application Program Interface (API) Testing:

The Software Application Program Interface Testing is a set of tools for building, the software applications, routines, and protocols. It specifies that how the software components should be interacting as well as it is used for the programming graphical user interface modules. A good Software Application Program Interface makes it easier that is to develop the programs by providing all the building blocks.

It is designed to create the software packages where it is tailored to keep the lines of the communications in the inner office open. Our services are always doing everything which is possible to provide the fast and onsite services where you have to deserve it. We committed always to treat with the extreme professionalism and efficiency to you and your business. Additionally, you can simply take the advantage of our knowledge and advanced quantity of technologies where we keep our team of project managers and their capacity to work only for you.

Software Application Program Interface could be beneficial for your businesses:

βœ” Mobile app is creating
βœ” Responding to the customer requests
βœ” Building the data available
βœ” Keeping up with the competitors which utilize the APIs
βœ” Combine with the vendors or other third party providers in a more efficient manner
βœ” Hire the potential vendors and other third party providers to test the web based services

Software Application Program Interface testing services are changing the way in many of the companies while conducting the business. Look for The Team Matrix that has a developing role that how the companies use the Software Application Program Interface to integrated services.

Functional Testing:

With the expanding requests of complex and element arrangements with the constrained assets, we, at The Team Matrix, will help the product traders and business programming clients. Therefore, by guaranteeing them through the product in worry that is working impeccably. We start with our procedure by assessing the applications with the destinations. At that point, we characterize the execution arrange to adjust the useful testing destinations. automation-step

HOW CAN The Team Matrix HELP YOU?

At The Team Matrix, there is no matter that what types of risks are involved, assures the quality software product via its functional testing services. Our team is with good knowledge in the usability testing and keeps the great effort in the quality assurance. We test the client applications in the agreement with the goals and set parameters. Moreover, the professionals at The Team Matrix are more capable in performing the tasks such as efficient compatibility testing, error-free integration, and improve the reliability of applications which are cost-efficient in the least possible time.

Our goal is to improve the quality of the software which is developed and to assess the performance of the quality of different functional components. We find it critical that is to perform the functional testing services at the user interface level. We do in order to disclose a variety of insufficiency that you cannot view the immediate while performing a source code reviews. We can give the preference for testing the usability of applications that is rather than the complexity which is associated with the internal workings of an application.

Our cross trained and expert team members at The Team Matrix will provide the support to a variety of verticals. We always mainly focus on improving the quality of the product and we make sure to provide a cost efficient testing cycle. Accessibility of healthy infrastructures and disaster recovery strategy will enable us to offer 24X7 continuous testing services. The Need for Functional Testing is to determine the compliance of the applications with the specified requirements. It is one kind of GUI (graphical user interface) test which we implement on a complete, integrated system. We required it to look after the effective examination as well as the validation of all features, functions, and proficiency of a software product. Some of the tests such as functional test, compatibility, usability, and requirement which are based on testing that are used for moving back the undiscovered defects.

Performance Testing:

Programming execution testing is one sort of Quality Assurance (QA) where this kind of testing procedure will guarantee the execution of your application that is under the different conditions. The testing procedure is more essential which delivers the zones where change is required before the item is propelled to the more extensive gathering of people. performance-infographic-2 The execution testing discovers the total data and status of the application solidness, versatility and speed. This testing procedure is directed to accomplish;
  • Checking the production readiness
  • Performance evaluation against the defined criteria
  • checking the performance of the multiple systems or devices
  • Finding the problem source
  • Tuning the support system
Your applications can pick up with terrible audits and notorieties, when you propelled in the market, if your applications don't work or meet the desires and objectives of the end clients. In such sort of circumstances that can be maintained a strategic distance from when your applications will experience the thorough procedure of execution testing.

Security Testing:

In this focused world, each organization must consider in its system security keeping in mind the end goal to secure the entire data which is encased on the system. The bigger systems that incorporate the most secret information which needs a sufficient level of security to keep the basic data about their associations. Subsequently, The Team Matrix will draw out the extensive security testing administrations that guarantee the smooth working of an application. At The Team Matrix, the proficient group will address a wide range of potential issues, where it is taking care of the mission-basic data. security-info-1 We have a tendency to conquer a wide range of security disappointments by utilizing the open source apparatuses for site testing, cross-site scripting strategy, SQL infusion method, and application security. Our security testing is accessible at exceptionally sensible rates. Our guaranteed group of programmers will play out the obliged exercises to ensure that, if your applications are shielded from any defenselessness. We likewise ensure that to satisfy all the security prerequisites, including the approval, accessibility, classification, and uprightness.

The Team Matrix Security Testing Focus Areas:

  • Network Security
  • System Software Security
  • Client-Side Application Security
  • Server-Side Application Security

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