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Pros and Cons of Manual Testing vs Automation Testing Tools – What to decide on and why?

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Pros and Cons of Manual Testing vs Automation Testing Tools – What to decide on and why?


Pros and Cons of Manual Testing vs Automation Testing Tools – What to decide on and why?
It has remained a matter for long that that testing methodology to prefer and once. Here is that the finish thereto quandary. See, however the clear variations purpose to at least one single name.

Manual Testing is workout & Evaluating the software system & software system parts to verify that it satisfies such as demand or to spot the distinction between Expected and actual results. Automation is that the use of tools or software system thus on execute tests pro re nata and thereby sight errors. it’s done supported algorithms and programs wherever the question is ready and dismissed as repeatedly pro re nata.
Whenever you wish to check the Smoke and integration testing of any internet or mobile application, manually you’ll jazz with ease. Automation will be used for analyzing the Performance of a system in terms of stress and cargo
Test the implication of some terribly short module quite less range of times. once range of users interacting with the system is probably aiming to increase, machine-driven testing will simulate it all.
UI Testing Scalability
Functionality testing of any internet or mobile application. Automation needs checking the check cases with record & run feature through the scripting
Cost Effective Expensive
Tedious Smooth
Only testing skills square measure needed Knowledge of mistreatment machine-driven tools and testing skills each is needed
Accurate except in cases of human error Accuracy depends solely on the accuracy of Tools

Integration Testing: Testing a mix of various modules.

Ad-Hoc Testing: Purpose specific testing wherever methodology isn’t strategic.


Regression Testing: Checking system once one module affects another. this is often done when resolution bugs.

Performance Testing: For responsiveness, quantifiability.
In general, machine-driven testing wouldn’t add up for short comes as a result of the direct price is simply too high. additionally, if you’re testing for things that need the human bit like usability, it’s higher to own a ‘human’ tester.

Companies that have very little experience within the space also are suggested to start with manual testing. Once the team has perfect checking risks and test coverage, they’ll then move toward automation considering the previous mentioned facts, select the most effective alternative.

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