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Full Stack JavaScript – fragment.js vs Backbone.js vs Angular.js Comparison by Current Trend

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June 30, 2016
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Full Stack JavaScript – fragment.js vs Backbone.js vs Angular.js Comparison by Current Trend


Samples”.JavaScript – a scripting language, as we tend to all apprehend, is employed for user facet interactions. This simple language dead on the consumer facet, makes the location operating comparatively quick to the tip user. with the exception of the quality scripts were developed the JavaScript frameworks with a broader read of benefiting each users and therefore the coders, quite the bottom script, its frameworks have supported alternative programming languages during a higher method that framework overpowers the qualities of the opposite one are often selected the idea of the below mentioned specs:

Ember JS uses pure JavaScript.

This ensures that lots of configuration is completed by itself.
It uses the Handlebars example engine that doesn’t perceive DOM. That’s a backlog here.
Use of fragment.js will break the code’s integration with alternative frameworks which makes it less compatible.
Backbone JS is associate degree MVC framework that’s light-weight.

It are often integrated with alternative third Party Templates.
Uses Underscore, the utility engine.
Backbone is a foundation to create a totally new framework. that fragment or Angular doesn’t permit.
But of all deserves, it’s some disadvantages like backbone.js doesn’t support two-way knowledge binding.
Editing CSS will break the CSS selectors and thereby leave your app to be unusable.
But, as of now, victimization the Angular JS could be a trend.

It is not simply by the method. There area unit reasons thereto. Let’s have a glance at the facts that create Angular JS very necessary these days.

Yes, the deserves of Angular JS:

Community could be a issue to be thought-about once selecting a JavaScript Framework. Angular possesses the biggest community following that area unit Backbone & fragment JS.
Angular JS permits the utmost usage of Third Party Modules.
It has got Directives, i.e. Angular permits creation of recent attributes by the developers for his or her convenience.
A unique feature here is that the two method knowledge binding. This ensures templating. One will produce his/her own example with the utilization of Angular JS.
Next, Transcluding is feasible solely and solely with Angular JS. produce tags and place it during a a part of the location wherever you need its result. Not simply directly, you’ll add your required markups at multiple places among a code.
Angular could be a bit quicker compared to alternative frameworks due to its little size. Mere 35.9 K in size is way below fragment and backbone JS.
DOM Manipulation is another issue.
From the developer’s purpose of read, Angular JS has the simplest syntax to code.
Although it’s freelance, the advanced codes and operation hinders it to be tested in isolation.
To sum up, let’s say that, Ember’s interval makes it worthy to be chosen Backbone.js is quick and simple relatively.

But, Angular topnotch the board. The options it serves, makes it a future technology. Its flexibility associate degreed an innovative approach towards building new applications in a straightforward and reconciling manner clearly points to the actual fact that Angular is caters Quality.

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