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Financial Services

The Team Matrix believes in understanding its customers’ exact needs and developing a customized solution based on this analysis. Depending on your unique requirements, you can choose from a wide range of services:
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Write-up services
  • Accounts payable services
  • Accounts receivable services
  • Financial reporting services

Financial Services

In today’s challenging business environment, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing their requirements for Accounting & Finance Services to expert vendors. An outsourcing partner like The Team Matrix can deliver superior results while minimizing costs at the same time. Adopting this strategy can also help you focus on strengthening strategic areas.

We at The Team Matrix offer a wide range of Accounting & Finance Services to suit diverse customer needs. When you choose us as your reliable partner you get access to the various benefits that we offer.

Our Accounting & Finance Services

The Team Matrix believes in understanding its customers’ exact needs and developing a customized solution based on this analysis. Depending on your unique requirements, you can choose from a wide range of services:
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Write-up services
  • Accounts payable services
  • Accounts receivable services
  • Financial reporting services
  • Accounts reconciliation services
  • Customer order processing services
  • Manual journal entry services
  • Invoice processing services
  • Virtual accountant services
  • Project accounting services
In this way, The Team Matrix provides a range of services to suit varied needs. In addition, we can also take care of small business accounting requirements.

Why outsource accounting services to us?

When you outsource Accounting & Finance Services to an expert like The Team Matrix, you can:
  • Leverage trained resources that you may not have in-house
  • Leverage state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure without having to make additional investments
  • Get assurance of quality services within stringent deadlines
  • Get secure services – through the use of our secure FTP server or encrypted e-mails for document upload/download
  • Get tailor-made solutions according to your business needs
We believe in working as a partner for our customers. If you are looking for an outsourcing partner that can help you reach for excellence, your search ends with The Team Matrix.

Financial Services

Financial plan means a number of steps to be followed to accomplish certain goals keeping in mind the investments involved and the returns obtained in the following time. So a strong financial plan can help you accomplish your future goals. This plan allocates future returns to a variety of operating cost, and also plans some future income for short-term and long-term savings. Sometimes it also distributes savings to various assets or projects estimated to generate future income.

The Team Matrix can help you get to your desired goal, because

We have the ability to produce an effective financial plan which could give you desired results. The highly qualified professionals get on their toes to give you the best. We plan and manage an inclusive financial plan and help you achieve your goals. We’ll help you in asset allocation; providing you monthly reports and present you reviews on quarterly basis. Our team takes everything into consideration before giving you a financial plan. These include
  • Analyze your current financial perspective including your income and expense.
  • Set practical goals in terms of finance.
  • Create and develop an inclusive plan to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Implement strategies based on risk factors.
  • Help you maintain consistency at times of crisis.

Financial plan services include:

  • Financial Research
  • Pricing Plan
  • Securities Analysis

Investment Planning

Investment has always played a part in business. Better investment is considered as best compared to any other debt instruments for the long run. It helps the organizations to create wonders if invested in a healthy way with proper planning. So investments have to be planned and to do so you need qualified and experienced people in the financial arena.

The Team Matrix for your investment plan

We at The Team Matrix have an excellent team of finance professionals who always works with dedication to give the services you desire. As there are a lot of investment advisors in the market, everyone is not competent enough. However our team of advisors takes a step ahead and gives you the best investment plan according to your requirements. If you have ample amount of money and are worried about it not knowing where to invest and how to protect you can approach us with confidence. We have been trusted by many of our customers because at The Team Matrix we believe to tie a strong bond with confidence.
We follow a standard procedure to give you the best investment plan and show you the right place for your money. The steps followed are:
  • Creating a budget keeping a track of your expenses.
  • Show you ways to pay off your existing debt.
  • Create effective saving plan for crisis.
  • Give you a diversified investment plan.
Our services comprises of:
  • Budget Allocation
  • Investment Research
  • Tax Planning

Project Planning

Our project planning services are designed to ensure that your development project is completed on time and on budget, but more importantly, in a manner that meets your organizational objectives.

The Team Matrix can help tailor a plan for your specific project needs. This includes gauging risk and developing mitigation strategies that will help you save time and money. From concept to closeout, we will help you develop a plan you can build on.

Our consultants are equipped to supplement your team's expertise and insight to ensure your project's success. Please contact us for additional information on our construction planning services or consultants.

Our Project Planning Services

We have a team of experts to assist you with the conceptual planning and development of your project management systems including financial, contracts, and schedules.

Our project planning services include:

  • Review of donor contract and assessment of planning needs
  • Review of initial assumptions and log frame structure to identify potential risks
  • Development of detailed scope, schedule, budget and quality management plan
  • Development of detailed team, stakeholder, risk and contract management plans
  • Identification of gaps in management skills, and development of a training plan

How we Assess your Project?

Our team will review your contracts and identify the level of detail needed for each management plan. We assess your teams to identify gaps in management skills and develop a customized development plan. Our assessment allows us to develop plans that reflect the current and future challenges of the project.
Our consultants understand how you do your work; we're uniquely positioned to help you achieve measurable success by utilizing a unified approach that combines:
  • Reliability The Team Matrix works closely with you to ensure a successful project outcome. Our job isn't finished until we've achieved your goals.
  • Expertise Our consultants have the necessary knowledge and resources to guarantee your project success.
  • Methodology Our proven processes and methodology were developed during successful engagements allowing The Team Matrix professionals to work with maximum speed to efficiency.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is an evaluation of the feasibility, consistency and productivity of a business. It is based on financial statements and accounting reports. This is quite essential for important business decisions. It is most essentially aimed at the organization’s profitability, solvency, liquidity and stability.

How do you get that extra EDGE?

Indian talents have already proved what they are capable of. As an outsourcing company from India we have qualified professionals who can go a step ahead and show their expertise in the finance dome. Financial analysis is one of those services which we offer with a great deal of competency. Our team of skilled professionals follows exquisite methods while carrying out a financial analysis for an organization. We take care of
  • Past performance of the organization.
  • Future performance based on the facts from the previous one.
  • Comparative performance with similar organizations.

Under financial analysis service we provide:

  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
These financial analyses are done on the basis of financial research and statements. We also go ahead and perform financial ratio analysis, break even analysis and also take care of the creation and maintenance of databases. We prepare presentations on financial results and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) compliances. Outsourcing of financial analysis to The Team Matrix will enable the companies to get a more sophisticated report, which will help them to get the exact facts and figures in terms of their performance.

So if you seriously want your organization to thrive you need a proper financial analysis and we at E-Virtual Services will help you with this by the best of the professionals in the related field.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies refer to the study of discovering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the existing or proposed business thereby aiming at the success. The focused area of the study is the investment and the return.

How can we help you?

We at The Team Matrix get down to the root level and try to analyze the factors involved for the success of any existing or proposed venture of an organization. The team of professionals then carries out an implementation plan on the basis of these factors. We go through all the necessary elements in an order to get the project in an up and running condition thereby maximizing profit. While doing feasibility studies we always keep in mind that:
  • The value attained is greater than the cost required.
  • The project is practically feasible.
  • All the technology needed is at hand for execution.
  • The project is well accepted at the target market.
  • All the available resources are sufficient for the project.
  • Time required for successful completion of the project not long enough.

Under feasibility studies we take care of the following fields:

  • Cultural feasibility
  • Economic feasibility
  • Financial feasibility
  • Market feasibility
  • Operational feasibility
  • Resource feasibility
  • Technical feasibility
So contact us if you have a business proposal and looking for someone to help you. With the expertise and abilities we hold we assure you the best available services.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence means gathering and analyzing information about products, customers, competitors or any other element which is necessary to implement any strategy by the top officials of an organization. It is an ethical and acceptable business practice needed to focus on the external business scenario and is unlike industrial surveillance.

You can rely on The Team Matrix because

We at The Team Matrix provide analysis; recommendations and implications that help you recognize the market opportunities and competitive threats thereby making handsome profit. Our team of management professionals’ focus on the external business environment while gathering information and converting it into intelligence, which is used for the betterment of an organization. We put our complete effort to help you take important business decisions with the help of competitive intelligence.

Get beneficial by the services provided by us, as it’ll help you go up the ladder without any obstacle. The solutions given by our team of professionals are based on realistic research. We always try to help our clients get the clear picture of the market scenario through various realistic figures and statistics.

The services provided under competitive intelligence are listed below:

  • Benchmarking
  • Multi-country Competitive Intelligence
  • Pre Market Entry Competitive Intelligence
  • Single-country Competitive Intelligence

Advantages of doing business with The Team Matrix

  • The services provided involve excellent analytical skills and sector specific expertise.
  • The solutions provided are completely evidence based.
  • Our management team will help in better decision making for the betterment of the company.
  • The team will also guide you to initiate client specific business.
So if you think you should hire somebody to perform these services, E-virtual Services is the ideal destination for you.

Single-country Competitive Intelligence

The term refers to a competitive intelligence study in a particular country. In this process an organization gathers information about customers and competitors in a particular country for any important business decision. It enhances an organization’s growth in a single country market arena.

How will you be assisted at The Team Matrix?

We at The Team Matrix provide information about proceedings in the competitive market scenario of a single selected market and guide the organizations to implement new strategies bringing about a clear picture of the economy and other market players in that sector. We have a vision to help our clients to run their businesses more effectively earning handsome profit. Our team of experts goes down to scrutinize every minute detail to give you the kind of service you deserve. We gather the information and analyze them in an appropriate manner to present before you the exact picture of the market. We come in contact with all the useful sources to congregate the facts and figures. We have the ability and proficiency to provide you services with a great deal. We provide you solutions which are completely evidence based.

So in a particular market, if you really want to become a leader and don’t know how to go about it, come and contact us. We are here to help giving you the best available services and solutions.

Multi-country Competitive Intelligence

Multi-country competitive intelligence refers to gathering information regarding products, customers or competitors in several countries for an organization pursuing business in those countries or wants to expand their businesses to those countries. It helps an organization to take important business decisions. It is a process through which companies gather all the necessary data and facts in an order to expand their businesses globally.

How will you be benefited at The Team Matrix?

We at The Team Matrix help our clients to gather all the information and guide them in implementing new business strategies. The team of experts involved in the process is highly qualified and skilled to give you the best services available. As multi-country intelligence is a precious resource for any organization pursuing business in many countries, we help them with important facts and figures. We give you a clear picture of different local business cultures with behaviors of other organizations doing business in the region. We also guide our clients about competitors and target market with sheer expertise and ability.

So if you want to be a leader in the global market you need to go through this process. And since this process need a lot of expertise in the relative field; you need the perfect partner to help you in your business endeavor. Contact us. We have the right resources and skill sets to take you through the path of glory.


Benchmarking is the process of comparing organizations of the same business or different businesses on the grounds of processes and performance standards. Quality, time and cost are basically taken into consideration while benchmarking. The process includes identification of the best firms in the industry, or in another industry where similar processes are being followed, and compare the results and processes to attain the desired result. It helps the organizations to enhance their performance thereby achieving targets.


We at The Team Matrix have the right professionals to take care of any business requirement you need. We have the right resources and skills to guide you go up the ladder and lead the market through sheer expertise. Our best practice business benchmarking help clients to sustain improvements in operational competence. We use a strictly defined categorization of corporate processes and actions that ensures consistent comparisons across different firms. We have a strong database which is inclusive and unique.

We follow a standard methodology while carrying out the entire process. This includes:

  • Subject selection
  • Process definition
  • Potential partner identification
  • Data sources identification
  • Data collection and partner selection
  • Gap determination
  • Process difference establishment
  • Future performance target
  • Communication
  • Setting up goals
  • Implementation
  • Review and recalibrate
We will try and find out your problem areas and give you solution to solve them. We’ll also guide you in implementing new and advanced business practices. So if you want to create a brand name worldwide we are here to help.

Pre-market Entry Competitive Intelligence Study

Pre-market entry competitive intelligence study indicates review of the market relating to customers or competitors before entering any market arena. New businesses need information about the local market culture to prosper. It is a key element for any important business decision.

At The Team Matrix we have the right set of people to help you in any business venture. The team of professionals is highly skilled and qualified to guide you in the right path. Before giving you a concrete plan about entering any market we do a complete field study which involves market assessment study, competitor intelligence study and market entry and expansion study. In an order to give you better quality information for you to take any important business decision our team of experts gather information from the most effective sources like:

  • Potential buyers in the market.
  • Distributors, agents and other intermediaries to determine the demand in the market.
  • Competitors in the market.
  • Industry experts such as journalists and industry associations to get a swift review of the market.

Our team also goes ahead and interview competitors and customers to get a clear picture of the market. We do a simultaneous press analysis and pricing research and emphasize on the company website. Our analyses are based on realistic research to guide you in a proper manner.

So if you have any plans of entering a new market or want to expand in an existing market, you just need to contact us. We’ll help you hit the bull’s eye with concrete plans and strategies.

Technical Feasibility

Technical feasibility study is the complete study of the project in terms of input, processes, output, fields, programs and procedures. It is a very effective tool for long term planning and trouble shooting. The technical feasibility study should most essentially support the financial information of an organization.

How you get benefitted at The Team Matrix?

The Team Matrix provide the right type of feasibility study needed to complete any given project. We have a team of experts which is efficient enough to carry out any project. The team of experts follows a strict set of rules during the study. There are several factors that are taken into consideration while writing a technical feasibility report. These include:
  • Business description in brief.
  • Examination of the part of the business.
  • The human and economic factor.
  • Solutions to the problems.
We do a complete field study to find out the problems coming in way and give you the best solutions to overcome those problems. We consider many things while doing a technical feasibility study including materials, labor, transportation, physical location and technology. Under the material segment we consider the parts needed to produce a product, supplies and other materials that will be needed in producing the product. Our experts have the skills to identify the significant parts of the system that have the major bearing on its consistency and performance, and evaluating those parts in a better way. So, if you’re really looking for some experts to carry out your technical feasibility study, contact us. We’ll give you the right kind of services and you won’t get a chance to complain.

Economical Feasibility

Economic feasibility analysis is the most commonly used method for determining the efficiency of a new project. It is also known as cost analysis. It helps in identifying profit against investment expected from a project. Cost and time are the most essential factors involved in this field of study.

Are you confused for whom to contact?

The Team Matrix is an ideal destination for an organization, need to do an economic feasibility for a project. The highly qualified and experienced professionals from the relative field perform the research with excellent proficiency. While we do the study we always take care of the essential factors needed to carry out a successful project. The study is based on cost and time. Under the cost based study we evaluate the development cost and the operating cost. We also calculate an approximate time frame to receive returns against investment keeping in mind the future value of the project. During the process of economic feasibility study we follow certain best practices to get the desired result. We do certain assumptions on the basis of which we give you solid plan of investment. These include
  • Economic feasibility cash flow.
  • Estimated total project cost.
  • Estimated total earnings.
  • Risk factors.
  • Cost benefits.
The Team Matrix is the best place to get in touch with if you have any doubts about the success of your next business venture. With absolute skills and capability we will help you do wonders.

Operational Feasibility

Operational feasibility refers to the measure of solving problems with the help of a new proposed system. It helps in taking advantage of the opportunities and fulfills the requirements as identified during the development of the project. It takes care that the management and the users support the project.

How The Team Matrix can assist you?

Our experts at The Team Matrix are well aware of the fact that if a new system is not user friendly, it won’t deliver the expected results. Keeping this in mind the professionals at The Team Matrix do a complete research to assist you in successful completion of any given project. As we lay our foundation on customer satisfaction, we do our every bit to accomplish it. Our experts are well equipped with a wealth of knowledge and skills to provide you excellent services. Our experts always take care that the management and the employees support the project. There are various advantages you can get at The Team Matrix, like:
  • Our experts prepare and implement the project in a way that the project is well accepted by the management as well as by the users.
  • Our experts coordinate with the employees and get information about the current system and try to implement a time saving system in an order to be accepted by the employees.
  • When we carry out the project, we try to involve the employees as early involvement in the project will help them understand the project in a better way.
  • We always try to estimate the expected profitability of the organization after the project is successfully completed.
  • We also take utmost care that the overall response increases benefitting the organization.
So, if you want somebody to help you with your new project, The Team Matrix is the right choice. Come and contact us today for a cost effective flawless service.

Market Feasibility

Market Feasibility Study involves investigation of the target market identifying the potential threats and finding out solutions to overcome them. It takes into account the significance of the business in the projected area. These studies are done on ideas, campaigns, products and processes.

What do you get at The Team Matrix?

The highly skilled professionals at The Team Matrix offer services in a time bound spirit with less money involved. The team has the ability to give you the best class services in every aspect of your business. The team identifies the threats and opportunities in your future endeavor and give you solutions to overcome the threats and manipulate the opportunities. We always follow a defined set of procedures to get the desired result. Different factors are included in the market feasibility study, such as
  • Industry description
  • Analysis of the current market
  • Competition
  • Expected future market potential
  • Prospective buyers and sources of revenue
  • Project future sales
The process includes analysis of the market, funding sources, development factors, cash flow and all other important factors thereby developing market strategy and concept.
So what are you waiting for? If you have good business plans and want to accomplish your dream of converting this plan to reality, you are just a click away. Come forth and The Team Matrix will help you in every step you take.

Resource Feasibility

It is also an essential part of a feasibility study. It includes questions regarding time required to complete the project, type and amount of resources required and dependent factors. It also takes care whether the project is interrupting any current business activity. So it takes care of optimum utilization of the resources available.

Why you should visit The Team Matrix?

We at The Team Matrix works toward the completion of any given project, keeping in mind the resources available. We also take care of all other resources that will be needed to complete the project. Time is considered as money, and as we understand its value significantly, we always look forward to complete the project in a time efficient way. While carrying out any new project our experts always take care that it’s not affecting any other current business activity. We have a strong team who has the ability to finish a project in a given time frame with a definite output. We always take care of all the resources necessary to complete any project. All the important resources like human resource, artificial resources, financial resource etc. are taken care of. You do a complete research on feasibility of the resources needed to complete the project. We give you the right solutions to use your resources in an appropriate manner. We’ll also show you the core dependencies and show you the right path to complete your project without interrupting your current business activities.

So if you have any project at hand, come to us. We’ll do complete resource feasibility study and give you solutions to complete your project in a real time helping you thrive out casting the obstacles.

Cultural Feasibility

A cultural feasibility study is known as one that investigates all the environmental factors involved to successfully carry out a project. It is done to evaluate the impact of the project on the local culture. The factors need to be well identified in an order not to face any obstacle in further development of the project.

At The Team Matrix

We always take care that the local or general cultures remain unaffected while we carry out a project for our clients. The team of professionals studies the root cause of all the obstacles to be faced and provide you solutions to overcome them. We also interview people of the region to know their cultural beliefs and practices, so that we can give you a concrete plan for successful completion of your project. We also give you suggestions about building a healthy work culture for your future endeavors. While doing this study we take care of ethical, behavioral and economic environments related to the project. We take certain questions into consideration like
  • Is the project well accepted by the locals?
  • Is it feasible according to the climatic conditions of the region?
  • What are the other obstacles coming in way in completion of the project?
  • What is the profit margin expected out of the project?
Do you have any future ventures at hand and not being able to implement those? You don’t have to be worried anymore. E-virtual services will provide you all the important services you need to carry out any project.

Financial Feasibility

Financial feasibility is one of the most important feasibility analysis required to carry out a new project. Financial lenders put emphasis on this analysis to ensure the project lives up to its performance expectation. It is a process through which profitability of the project can be estimated.

What do you expect from The Team Matrix?

The team of professionals at The Team Matrix is equipped with an ample amount of knowledge and experience to provide you services you need. We go ahead and consider all the essential factors needed to complete the study. We follow a strict procedure in doing so. Different parameters are followed while doing a financial feasibility study. We estimate the cost of the project and predict cash flow and profitability. We also take care of the financial lender’s investment in the new project or any other existing project. We follow wide accepted steps to complete the study. All the necessary stages are followed while carrying out this financial analysis, such as
  • The pro forma statement
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Combined analysis of the developing and operating periods
  • Monthly cash flow during the development period
  • Discounted cash flow analysis for investors
So do you have any future business ventures for which you need a financial feasibility analysis and puzzled about whom to approach? It’s time for you throw your woes away because The Team Matrix is here to assist you.

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis is the technique of identifying the effects of steadily changing variables in a business model. There are a lot of uncertain factors in a budgeting process like future tax rates, interest rates, inflation rates, headcount, operating expenses and other variables may not be known with great accuracy.

What can you get at The Team Matrix?

The Team Matrix incorporates sensitivity assessments within its decision analysis findings. We at The Team Matrix offer sensitive analysis for our clients all over the world. It helps The Team Matrix to find more sensitive factors in assessing a decision. Our team of experts follows a strict set of rules to give you a more precise analysis. We take utmost care on pursuing new project developments, scheduling acceleration and compression. We also help you allocating construction resources, mitigating construction risks, maximizing profit and help you grab international projects. We use advanced tools and applications to carry out the analysis including Influence Diagrams, Tornado Diagrams, Precision Tree, Top Rank and Microsoft Excel.

Advantages of sensitivity analysis at The Team Matrix:

  • Support decision making.
  • Communication improvement from modelers to decision makers.
  • Improved quantification of the system.
  • Model development.
We follow the accurate methodology while doing the analysis. There are also some more facilities which can be accessed after the sensitivity analysis at The Team Matrix. We help you in identifying critical assumptions, detecting important criteria, optimizing resource allocation, guiding you in future data collection and so on.

So, if want a sensitivity analysis and you are puzzled about choosing the right companion to do so, come forth and contact us. We have the right set skills and people to help you out.

Quantitative Risk Analysis

In an order to do a quantitative risk analysis we need to determine the value of the potential losses associated with delayed processing or theft or destruction of property or data. The probability of occurrence of risk failure need to be estimated then and the annual loss expectancy is calculated.

Why consider The Team Matrix for your quantitative risk assessment?

Experts at The Team Matrix do a complete analysis and give you an estimated expected loss and help you finding solutions for the same. The team of experts works with utter professionalism to give you the best results. We understand the loss factor and give you best class solutions to overcome the problem. Our skills and a wealth of expertise helps in providing you the best services showing you the hazards and risks involved in the operation. Advantages of doing quantitative analysis with us:
  • More objectivity.
  • More powerful selling tool.
  • Direct projection of benefit of proposal.
  • Fine-tuned solutions to meet the needs of specific situations.
  • Modified plans for all kind of industries.
  • Agreed in all management reviews.
  • Our analysis is based on indisputable facts.
While we do the analysis we understand that it is essential in different ways to different people, and on the basis of that we do the analysis. We have definite set of rules which we follow including proper procedures and calculations. We conduct a study to determine the risk factors. We find out the top 5 risk factors and then we determine the value of assets. We also go through the history of security practices and give them solutions to improve the security system. At last we prepare a report to be presented for management review.

So this is it. If you need anybody to do a quantitative assessment in an order to control your losses, The Team Matrix has the right solution for you.

Financial Research

India is fast becoming the Financial Research hub of the world due to skilled manpower availability and scalability and economic leverage. As a pioneer in the finance research outsourcing domain, we offer a range of services that help clients reduce cost, improve efficiency, and increase revenue. Apart from cost considerations, regulatory measures have also promulgated off shoring of financial research services to a great extent.

What we do?

As leaders in the industry, we have been supporting clients with best-in-class services and products and a commitment to security and confidentiality. We can tailor our services to meet your needs thereby guaranteeing a level of satisfaction unparalleled in outsourcing industry.

We also provides cross-technology research designed for the financial and investment community, including brokerage firms, money managers, venture capitalists, investment banks, and commercial banks among many other organizations. Our Financial Research Services

Our Financial Research Services can be summarized as follows:

  • Banking Research Services
  • Financial Research Services
  • Insurance and Specialty Or High End Finance And Accounting Research Services
  • Economic and Financial Research Services
  • Industry Financial Research Services
  • Business Financial Research Services
  • Company Specific Financial Research Services
  • Financial statement analysis

Benefits of using our Financial Research Services

Skilled financial analysts and researchers offering obvious financial and cost effective labor, along with scalability allow our outsourcing venture sustainability and effectiveness.

Technical analysts and data entry operators provide support and have the skills to provide required technical assistance thus enabling high grade and high yield financial research services.

The Team Matrix has the required bandwidth and state of the art facilities to allow creation of scalable databases, enabling financial research services the most current knowledge sources while staying within the ambit of security and web enabled framework security requirements.

Securities Analysis

We, at The Team Matrix offer security analysis services for our client worldwide. We have a team of experts who have the capability to offer security analysis for your business.

Analysis security servicesconsist of 2 major aspects:

  • Administrative permissions for analysis services database objects.
  • User permissions for viewing the data.
We provide professional administrators for your company who can perform the following functions:
  • Creation and modification of database objects.
  • Reading data in cubes.
  • Object processing.
  • Creating and editing database.
We have a team of professionals who can perform any kind of operation on analysis server. The role of analysis service is often compared with the role of system admin in SQL server.

Our admin can also fix roles and grant them various levels of permission. Permissions include:

1. Full control: it means member who is given this kind of role can perform any operation within the current database.

2. Process database: members with this kind of role can process the database that is currently used. They cannot change any server properties though they are given full control.

3. Read-only database: members of this role can only read the data and they are not given any privilege to change the data.

The Team Matrix have an expertise in all the security analysis and they have the ability to conduct the analysis of security related issues, for instance in relationship to electronic voting and public voting. So, hire our professionals now…

Pricing Plan

Looking for a pricing plan for your business?? The Team Matrix is here for you…

Pricing plan

We, at The Team Matrix offer Pricing Plan services for our respected clients worldwide. We have a team of experienced planners who have the ability to offer right and proper price plan.

Consider the financial projections

You can calculate the pricing decision from a number of approaches. This will help you in deciding retail prices for your products and services in an easy way.

Don’t leave money

You can easily determine the optimal price required to achieve the revenue. This will help you in great tuning of your price plan by focusing on the best price range.

Looking at the bottom line

If you want to capture a market share then, attaining maximum profits is not the only goal that you are looking for. You may be looking for some other financial projections:
  • Price versus volume
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cost per Price ratio
  • Contribution of different channels
  • Average selling price.

Competitor Evaluation

It is the most important factor that can affect your successful pricing strategy in market share. We at The Team Matrix will write for you and help you in effective pricing strategy.

So, join hands with us and do price planning in an effective way.

Investment Research

For financial institutions, investment banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, and corporates spread across the globe, we are an ideal knowledge partner in cutting-edge financial analytics and thought leadership. The Team Matrix domain expertise, rapid execution and quality output help our clients' meet their distinct business needs. For executions of all these services we have a team of highly trained professionals at our delivery center in India.

The Team Matrix address some of the critical needs of portfolio managers, investment advisors, and investment banks. As both buy- and sell-side firms struggle to develop strategies to deal with a fast changing climate, our services provide clients with the tools required to successfully overcome those challenges.

Our Investment Research Services cover the following Activities

  • Global and Domestic Equity Research
  • Investment Research
  • Sector / Industry Research
  • Research support to Brokerages, Private Equity Funds and Hedge Funds
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Market Analysis and Newsletters
  • Event Analysis
  • Due diligence support to Investment Banking and Private Equity, Venture Capital Funds
  • Reconciliation and Accounting Services

Research Specific to Your Needs

Understanding that research requirements vary across different customer segments, we base our research on your specific needs. Our structured approach to project management and client engagement ensures that you receive the highest level of service.

With extensive experience crosses all sectors and geographies, we can offer you the investment and business research services you need to remain competitive.Whatever your needs, we can address them with focused, timely research.

Gaining Deeper Insights

Taking a collaborative approach, we draw on our proven methodology in market and business analysis, corporate intelligence and benchmarking. This enables us to work with greater flexibility, reactivity and creativity to deliver the insights that can improve your business.

Budget Allocation

Budget allocation has become very important in this new 21st century world. Budget allocation is new considered as a very important part of all types of business and non-profit financial plans. Budgets are typically set annually and it involves allocating the income and resources to different departments.

Method of budget allocation:

We, at The Team Matrix review budgets annually for 12-24 month period. These budgets are set on the basis of previous year’s expenditure plus the changes in spending such as recruitment of new staff salaries. The department head is responsible for allocating the funds to the stuff. A budget includes cost of buying resources as well as miscellaneous expenses for any unforeseen needs.

Why The Team Matrix for Budget allocation??

We, at The Team Matrix offer Budget Allocation services for our small-scale and large-scale clients. We have a different talented and fully expertise Budget allocation team who offer:
  • Redesigning of website
  • Strategic planning
  • Middle class education in subjects like math and science.
  • Waste management.
  • Honors program
  • Faculty startup funding.
  • International and national studies
  • Training in HR field
  • Internal auditor
  • Administration
  • Counseling
  • Graduate scholarships
  • Agricultural budget allocation
  • Nursing
  • Faculty staff enhancement.
  • Multi-Media e-learning.
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Tax Planning

Budget allocation has become very important in this new 21st century world. Budget allocation is new considered as a very important part of all types of business and non-profit financial plans. Budgets are typically set annually and it involves allocating the income and resources to different departments.

How to do Tax planning?

Tax planning starts with your unique conditions. Whether it’s related to a single person, corporate or a partnership filing... We at The Team Matrix have a team which stays updated and informs about the changing tax laws that can have an impact on your business. You can imagine having an access to the top class advisors who can help you year around to prepare more diligently for the coming tough fiscal year. ‘

Some of the features of tax preparation services include:
  • If you are retired from your job or you are planning to retire then, there are some extra tips for you regarding planning and tax preparation that will keep your taxes lower for you.
  • You can even eliminate your tax by saving for retirement and thus, you can own a home or send you kids to schools and colleges. If you want more details you can ask our income tax accountant who will help you in tax preparation.

Why The Team Matrix for tax planning??

We, at The Team Matrix have a team of professional and talented planners who offer our clients with a wide range of taxation and business advisory services. We regularly keep a look on our client’s assignments and we make sure that assignments are completed on time and clients are totally satisfied and happy.

Our main aim is to deliver outstanding services to our clients by taking extreme care of their requirements. Our clients depend on us and expect to deliver the work on time. We deliver an outstanding service with the highest level of confidentiality.

Project Evaluation

Program evaluation is central to organizational learning, performance improvement and accountability. Through evaluation we can determine the efficiency, relevance, effectiveness, sustainability and institutional impacts of development activities. Impact evaluation helps us to better understand the extent to which activities reach the poor and the magnitude of their effects on people's welfare.

Range of Services

  • Impact Evaluation-systematic assessment of effects on individual households, institutions, and the environment caused by a given development project, program or policy.
  • Evaluations for Program Improvement-evaluations focused on improving projects and programs during the project life.
  • Participatory and Empowerment Evaluation-evaluations with central objectives to foster participation, learning and empowerment among
  • local stakeholder groups.
  • Evaluation Capacity Development-building organizational skills, incentives and systems to use evaluation in order to achieve results.

Why Project Evaluation with us?

The Team Matrix provides a full range of evaluation services. Our approach is built on international standards of excellence requiring evaluations to be useful, practical, ethical and accurate. We also build the capacity of organizations to monitor and evaluate their own programs in order to better achieve their missions.

Project Risk

Project Risk Management is the most important task in any project that many employees, managers, and stakeholders keep in mind when working with projects.

Effective project management demands rapid decisions about uncertain future events based on often inadequate information. Project risk management seeks to anticipate the development of projects and implement suitable responses early enough to positively influence the outcome.

How we Handle Project Risk Services?

The Team Matrix helps clients manage project risks through the delivery of advanced project risk management services. We help you to identify potential gaps in project processes and controls, as well as providing subject matter experts to conduct detailed functional reviews.

Our team is also able to provide assistance in managing projects at any stage of the project life-cycle. We focus on helping you deliver your project objectives by applying simple, proven project management disciplines aimed at ensuring the common causes of project failure don’t arise.

Benefits of using our services

The Team Matrix works with you to assess project issues, select and apply appropriate solutions to improve project performance, and provide stakeholder confidence. We will provide:
  • Solutions designed to meet the specific concerns of clients and stakeholders
  • Increased confidence in ability to deliver the project according to the plan
  • Increased availability of information required for the development of contingencies if necessary.

Our approach

  • We work with the client to determine the key variables that drive project risks.
  • Leading the project team through a process to identify and characterise the project risks, and to establish suitable measures to manage them.
  • Analyzing the project and the risk contributors to determine key threats to the project and how to manage these threats.
  • Actively monitoring how the parties involved in the project manage risks by tracking the action plans.
Our services are designed to be flexible, scalable and adopt a risk-based approach to provide all levels of management with the support and insight they require to ensure success.

Market Studies

Are You feeling uncertain about which product is right for you? No looking further…. The Team Matrix is here to help you….

Marketing studies

We at The Team Matrix have helped many traders and investors in decoding the mysteries of the marketing innovative techniques that are designed to anticipate reversals for a very long time. We can also identify market trends.
E-Virtual Servicesis the best name in terms of market-timing. We, at The Team Matrix can bring various new ways to integrate with our powerful indicators and host of supplemental services and functions.
E-Virtual Serviceshave all the answers of your queries under a single platform. We offer marketing studies in:
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Small business
  • Non-profit
  • Information Technology.
Marketing studieshave always been the feature of The Team Matrix for many years. Every month, we invite an agency or a client to submit a marketing case study. Each of studies covers the obstacles, strategies, executions and the results. Each Marketing Case Study is archived in such a way that it offers successful marketing ideas. So, what are you waiting for?? Join hands with us ….

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