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Engagement Model

Partnering with US

At The Team Matrix, we have an excellent development team who can be hired on turnkey project basis. We work with customers to understand their technological needs and recommend the right approach and process for their projects. Our programmers are experts in various development methodologies such as Agile development, waterfall, prototyping and SCRUM.

We believe in building lasting relationship with our clients by offering world-class solutions in the most engaging manner. Our attentive services are clearly-defined and methodical. They are flexibly designed to give you the most possible advantages of a continuing partnership. The engagement models we follow are of three types:

Fixed Cost Model

We follow fixed cost model for projects with relatively clearly defined scope and requirements. This pre-negotiated model calls for fixing the total timeline and total cost before the project actually begins. Given that price, timelines, deliverables and objectives are pre-defined; this model is largely risk-free for both parties. It facilitates on-time and on-budget delivery. This model is ideal for small projects or projects with pre-defined requirements where output need to be delivered within budget in a targeted time frame. Because the budget is planned earlier, the uncertainties relating to development cost can be ignored.


  • The scope of a fixed cost model is very well-defined
  • Any changes in scope are estimated separately and require budget approval from the customer
  • The project is straightforward with little or no external dependencies
  • The customer are billed on defined milestones and this model works best for well-defined, small to mid-scale projects

Time and Material Model

This is a pay-per-use engagement model where the clients pay us on hourly development activities for projects in which the scope, requirements and specifications are either not well defined at the beginning or may undergone midstream changes.

This model is ideal for projects with continuously evolving requirements. It facilitates project specification alteration as per the market needs.


  • The scope of the Time Material Model is defined tentatively and evolves as the process moves forward
  • The Project can be complex with a lot of integration and external dependencies
  • The customer is billed bi-weekly with supporting time-sheets
  • This model works well for any size of project
  • Developers or a Team can be hired for Offsite and Onsite engagement

Dedicated Hiring Model

With access to a dedicated team, the client can control the human and technical resources engaged in his project execution. We can develop a highly talented team of performers, necessary equipment and infrastructure based on a client’s specific business requirements. By hiring a dedicated team, a client can free himself from employing any in-house team of developers, thereby saving substantial costs.

A model which has been adopted initially can be changed or altered at any point of time if need arises. For e.g., a project with low defined requirements can be executed using Time/Material model and it can be later changed to fixed cost model if project specification has to be changed within a fixed budget.


  • Dedicated resources working from our Offshore Development Centre are assigned to the customer in a Dedicated Hiring Model
  • Dedicated resources can also be hired to work from Onsite/Customers location
  • Project Management and Task Management are both handled by the customer directly. Herein the resources act as Virtual Employees
  • The customer is billed a fixed price for each resource on a monthly basis
  • The Dedicated Hiring Model is best for companies with in-house IT staff to manage and direct projects
  • This model is ideal for long-term projects where the offshore support services are sought continually.

Hybrid Model (combination of FP and T&M)

The working process is very much agile, as we are used to in custom software development. With long history of project development, The Team Matrix Group professionals can work out a provisional quote based on their estimate of person-hours for the project. However, the final cost of the project – that is paid for by the customers – can be a little less or a bit more than the initial quote, depending on the alterations and adjustments a project might require during its implementation. All customers are givendetail report of how human resources have been employed, which is transparent and verifiable. The Team Matrix Group uses best practices in reporting that keep meticulous record of number of person / hours spend on a specific task, so that customers pay for exactly what work has been done for them.

T&M 4 FPM pricing model combines the best features of T&M and Fixed-price models. While it allows the clients to employ resources by hour, most of the project implementation goes on according to Fixed Price model with its strict deadlines and well-aligned processes. Clients of The Team Matrix Group – from big corporate bodies to small firms – find Hybrid pricing model attractive in many ways. The model allows co-joint input at the planning stage, which enables to come up with detailed and accurate project specifications, balanced deadlines and an ideal team for the workload and budget of the project in question.


  • Close cooperation between clients and The Team Matrix
  • Combination of traditional models
  • Elements of agile approach
  • Customer oriented

Joint Ventures/Equity Partnership

A joint venture is a business contract in which the parties consent to build up, for a fixed time, a new unit and new resources by adding equity. Equity partnerships provide much desirable capital for capable businesses, bringing in finances and a sophisticated shareholder’s eye’s to expand and start on new products and take companies to the next higher standards. An equity partner is a partner in an enterprise who is a partly owner of the company.

For many companies, outsourcing to a third party provider may not be the best solution. There can be a number of reasons for this:

  • When your organization is maintaining highly intellectual data or significant technical processes, then obviously powerful operational methodology should followed within quality parameters. In this case it’s very risky to outsource to third party entity. Within certain operational or communication gap, clients may get frustrated by your services. Hence, they may not permit you to handle the projects for long term. And, you will lose the trust from clients.
  • Your business may necessitate your offshore constituent to be in your possession. This can particularly be the case for companies that are running towards an Initial Public Offerings or a Mergers & Acquisitions event and are looking to capitalize on their company’s worth. Of course, there is more book fee in owning an offshore operation as opposed to only having a services contract with provider.
  • We are interested in looking at equity partnerships where we become the resident service providers and deliver solutions / services to drive growth
  • The Team Matrix will help design and develop web strategies for your business , including websites , social media channels etc.

Advantages Of Joint Ventures Engagement Model


You will possess the majority of commercial entity that is set up in India, allowing you to add this offshore business as an advantage and assuring that you have the power and possession. This is required to assure your clients and be obedient with their demands.

Risk Mitigation

By partnering up with an organization like Ace Infoway, you can reduce your risk and leverage the local presence and expertise we have built up over the many years in India. Reducing risks will force your business objectives of the organization.

Cost Savings

Running your own wholly owned subsidiary will require great investments and it will not be cost-effective at least for the first few years. Within the joint venture, Ace Infoway can leverage its scale and assets to run at a much lower cost level.

Time to Market

Setting up your own wholly owned subsidiary will require a lot of due diligence and it takes a company an average of 6-9 months to establish a captive. By leveraging ACE’s local presence and expertise, you can reduce this by 60% or more.

Set up Process

The deal structures of a joint venture are by far the most complicated when compared to our other service delivery models.

Exchange of Products

In this joint venture engagement model, a firm can recommend their existing product to sell through the partner’s business channel and share the income. Both partners can exchange products. By means of exchanging products and services of the partner, they can branch out the products.

Widening Economic Scale Quick

Building brand is a brainstorming task. At, Ace Infoway joint venture, you are able to broaden your trade and industry possibility without spending a large amount wealth and waiting for a lengthy time.

Our Project Management Setup Process

Requirements Analysis

The first step is to cautiously evaluate your necessities and clearly identify with what you want to do in the India and how strategically you want to go ahead in vertical market trends.

Model Selection

According to a study, Ace Infoway can choose which service delivery model is suitable for your supplies. If your group needs to have possession of and organize the function right from the get-go then a joint venture may be the only way to initiate. In other cases, it may be better to go for other engagement models like Technology Partnership, BestShoring Services or Staff Leasing and work towards a joint venture after a winning proof of concept.

Mutual Due Diligence

Setting up a joint venture is quite a big commitment. Both Ace Infoway and our client have to be absolutely convinced that the other party is the right partner for this venture. This will require substantial due diligence from both sides.

Legal Structure

Once the resolution has been prepared to move ahead with the joint venture, a substantial amount of legal work will have to be done to constitute straightforwardly the ownership of the joint venture and the responsibilities of each partner.


With the legal framework in place, the actual incorporation work can start which will require registration at all relevant government agencies.

Operational Setup

After merging, the working setup process can fundamentally follow the setup method of our Virtual Captive services which efficiently puts all the capacity, infrastructure, possessions, and services in place to facilitate the everyday operations of the joint venture.

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