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Data Entry Services

All Businesses Are Turning To Outsourcing In Order To Business become successful when they become innovative. Only innovation leads to higher growth. Today Outsourcing is the big bang word in business and those who have boarded the train of outsourcing are the leaders everywhere. Benefits of Outsourcing?
  • Cut costs
  • Improve quality of services
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.

Data Entry Services

Business become successful when they become innovative. Only innovation leads to higher growth. Today Outsourcing is the big bang word in business and those who have boarded the train of outsourcing are the leaders everywhere. Benefits of Outsourcing?

Data Entry Is Highly Sought After Service

In the world of business, Data entry services are the most sought after service and includes online and offline data entry. This is a new niche where excellence is the catchword. Both offline and online data entry are today's business requirements to grab a good position in the business industry.
No business can handle the ever increasing volume of data by keeping a few data entry operators in the office. Keeping track of the data is a cumbersome process. So hiring a data entry company is the only solution…

Your Data, Our Service

The Team Matrix is the fastest growing ITEs and data entry company, has produced thousands of satisfied customers in all parts of the world.

High Quality: Higher Security & Highest Confidentiality in

  • Cost Effective Data Entry Services
  • Data processing services
  • Data Conversion services

Why We Are Unique?

Great Team: At The Team Matrix Services, highly competent professionals who excel in accuracy and speed spearhead the data entry operations. Unbeatable Efficiency: Unparalleled efficiency and value for the business Competitive Advantage: Provides Immense Competitive advantage over other competitors.

The Team Matrix Takes Pride In Its Strengths For Outsourced Data Entry

  • Highly Competent team of professionals with the perfect blend of skills, expertise and experience.
  • A Wide range of Strategic and Tactical Data services for all Industry Verticals
  • Highly Proactive Quality Control Cell takes care of the special demands of clients in complex data and delivers the output with utmost proficiency, professionalism and vigor.
  • The most Competitive and Affordable Tariffs
  • Wide range of expertise in handling online data entry for different e-commerce websites
  • New technology for storing data in different types of administrative interfaces.

Great Customer Feedback

We are gratified at the exciting customer feedback from our ever-growing client base. It validates our dedicated efforts at boosting customer satisfaction.

Data Transcription Services

The Team Matrix being a leader in the outsourcing industry offer services in various fields with absolute expertise. As the demand for online transcription services is growing with time, we provide nonpareil transcription services to help you with your data transcription needs. We have a strong pool of professionals who has a world of knowledge and the right set of skills to provide infallible data transcription service. Unlike many other transcription companies our services are affordable and time speculated. The transcription assistants are well equipped with the process and have a good vocabulary and communication skills.

Get the Best Services Available

  • We have always been appreciated for our services and as a token of appreciation we’ve been honored as a certified member of Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Our transcription assistants talk in a neutral accent without using any heavier accent so that there is no miscommunication ensuring proper conversion of data.
  • We offer 24/7 customer support for high end customer satisfaction.
  • We offer five hours of free service when we start our business relationship with our client.
  • So if you wish to have unerring online transcription services come forth and get the leader’s help.

Data Conversion Services

"Innovation in business processes is a key area for many insurance companies, and data conversion is almost always part of the transition." - Says Mike Fitzgerald

Data conversion is certainly the transformation of computer data from one particular structure to another.It is generally modifying the actual format of the existing data into a new format of ones present usage. It is described as the customization of data structures to comply with innovative as well as diverse specifications for the data files. Probably the most simple example of data conversion is a text file converted from one character encoding to another.

Prior to any data conversion is carried out, the user or application programmer must maintain several fundamentals of computing and information theory in mind. data files conversion is valuable for a pair of reasons:

1) It replaces analogue components with software program, an obvious economic benefit in mass-produced products, and

2) It may accomplish higher levels of efficiency in critical applications Whenever transforming data between media or operating systems it is essential to make certain the actual data conversion is executed along with highest level of expertise.

Data conversion is actually a very significant aspect of functionality in the successful and smooth functioning of numerous businesses in this era of information and facts. It is imperative for every single organization, since the information arises from different formats from different resources like paper documents, forms; excel files, word documents, access databases, scanned images of paper documents,etc An efficient data conversion is a key to the effective implementation of Infinite Campus. The need for data conversion is vital for any organization to operate their particular business enterprise successfully. Use outsourcing for Data Conversion has become most common in India now-a-days. Data conversion is normally a "one-time" effort

Data Processing Services

Our Mission on Data Processing The Team Matrix, as the fastest growing IT Services company has earned a big name in data processing. We are committed to help businesses in achieving their goals by providing precise data processing service and data entry work of high quality.
  • Precise Data
  • High Quality Data

Fast Growing Outsourcing Service

Data Processing is the fastest growing Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) service in India. All industry sectors and organizations require quality data processing services to beat competition and prosper in today’s business climate.


Data Processing is the fastest growing Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) service in India. All industry sectors and organizations require quality data processing services to beat competition and prosper in today’s business climate.
  • Enhanced Competitiveness
  • Higher Growth and Prosperity
Why Outsource Data Entry ? Non-Core Business Function: On-line data entry is not a core business pursuit for any business. So outsourcing on-line data entry is the best option for any organization to cut costs and access better quality of data. Lower Rates: The rate for data entry on a per hour basis is very low and is affordable for all companies. Hence, Data entry has become a surging industry nowadays. Wha Is Data Processing? Data processing is the short-term maintenance of data in a processor for doing computations or logical operations on it. It is followed by typing the particular coded data into a computer database. Key Steps In Data Processing The important steps in data processing include, All these processes are carried out in conjunction with many other computing resources.
  • Collection
  • Implementation
  • Disclosure
  • Retention of information
Computer System Data Processing Computer system data processing utilizes a computer program to achieve,
  • Data Entry
  • Summarization
  • Analysis
  • Transforming data into usable information and facts.
Data processing is characterized by the various components of data which may be in the form of
  • Lines
  • Particular goals
  • Single-target tracks
  • Educational facilities
  • Cellular material
The last one being user-defined collections of samples.

Data Typing Services

Data Typing is undoubtedly among the most sought after job opportunities on the internet. Data Entry is actually a task that involves the transcription of data into some other type, which is normally a computer program. Despite the fact that data entry is essential, it is also a non central procedure that can be simply outsourced.

Data Entry is one particular of these jobs, which incorporates providing and documenting all kinds of data for a specific purpose. Data Entry is widespread for organizations that has to deal with paper documents and forms, such as invoices, application forms, claim forms, loan paperwork and many others.In an organization where by volume Data Entry is concerned, outsourcing seems to have turned out to be a viable alternative.

In almost any organization where Data Entry is practiced, a considerable amount of emphasis is laid on typing services and speed so that the organization can meet with the time scheduled online or off the internet data entry job requirements. Thus, majorly we focus on excellent key board skills.Great typing speed is a commodity, however a great typing speed along with intelligent data entry is exceptional attribute. Our accuracy rate for on-line and offline data entry is 99. Evirtual services offer online typing services, thus reducing your overburden in very affordable prices.

The actual utilization of spread sheet software for data entry is incredibly popular in numerous kinds of organization. World Wide Web Data Entry is a cluster of self motivated techno-inventive heads. The beneficial thing about outsource Data Entry is that your organization doesn't always have to allocate specific people to be able to execute the job.

Generally, Data Entry is an integral component of the overall document encoding as well as data capture process. Beneficial assistance for producing the most of this requires an Supplemental training for Data Entry and is usually carried out at work, that enables opportunities for progression within an organization.

If on-line Data Entry is not necessarily an individual's core businesses pursuits then outsourcing on-line data entry is the worthwhile option for the organization. On an hourly basis , the rate for data entry is actually very low.Hence, Data Entry has become a substantial industry nowadays.

As this zone of expertise requires a skilled and specialized approach The Team Matrix Data Entry Assistants are the best you see.

File Conversion Services

The Team Matrix is one of the leaders providing outsourcing services of file conversion of any complexity. File conversion is the technological process of converting one format of file into another format.

The Team Matrix Market Leader in Outsourcing of File Conversion Services

Why The Team Matrix LLC?

The strengths of The Team Matrix in file conversion services is manifold. The core strengths of The Team Matrix in file conversion services are,
  • Vast pool of talented and skilled professionals
  • Expertise in converting any kind of text file into another format.
  • Special Expertise in conversion of files like PDF file, doc file or other file
  • International Reputation for Acclaimed Services
  • Satisfied clients from all business vertical across the world.

How the Client Benefits?

The prime benefits of business clients who outsource data services to The Team Matrix are the following
  • Cost effective and time efficient services to clients.
  • Validation and appreciation by many International agencies
  • Credibility of services as a certified member of Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • 24/7 customer support to deliver high end satisfactory services

Hire an Assistant Option

The Team Matrix also provides the option of hiring a file conversion assistant to handle conversion services for any client. The unique package of 5 hours of free service for those looking to do business with us is a great incentive for prospective customers.

For any help for file conversion services, contact us and get a first hand experience of our world class services.

Highlights of The Team Matrix Special Offer

  • Hire a Conversion File Assistant
  • Unique Package for different Verticals
  • 5 hours of free service

Order Processing Services

Clinching an order comes after tremendous hard work from all quarters of your company. You definitely don’t want to mess up these orders at the stage of processing them. Let us help you process your orders and make sure that you don’t miss out on those valuable leads.

We at The Team Matrix can provide you with end-to-end order processing services. We can handle the entire process of order taking and order fulfillment. This would include:

  • Order taking
  • Purchase order management
  • Customer database management
  • Wire transfers
  • Payment by telephone
  • Order fulfillment and status checks
  • Order fulfillment and mailing services
How We Help You
We have designed our order processing services aiming at a satisfied customer base for you and a highly robust fulfillment service. By outsourcing order processing services to us, you can get access to the following benefits:
  • You get a dedicated order fulfillment and processing team
  • Your marketing and sales efforts can be completely focused on bringing more and more orders, and you needn’t worry about the rest of the processing
  • The Team Matrix can serve you with other services such as call centre services for order taking. This can help you make sure that you get the entire post sales processing done at one single point
  • We will take care of your compliance and regulatory requirements with regards to order processing
  • Our experts will help you manage your inventory efficiently with our insights and reports
Advantages of Using Our Services
We can guarantee you a complete and fruitful outsourcing experience. Here is what The Team Matrix has to offer you:
  • You get an operating cost savings of almost 60%
  • We have a well defined process for our order taking services which will be customized to meet your specific requirements
  • Stringent security policies and measures are adopted to give you a safe and risk free outsourcing experience
  • A dedicated project manager who will co-ordinate and manage the entire process in collaboration with you
E virtual service is a preferred outsourcing destination all over the world. You can trust our experience in the outsourcing industry and our domain experience in order processing.

Image Processing Services

Today, companies are looking at new ways to increase their flexibility to meet changing market conditions. One way to enhance responsiveness is by outsourcing all non-core work to a capable partner. This gives the companies access to specialized skills. At the same time, it frees precious resources, which can be diverted towards more value creating tasks.

E virtual services uses an optimum mix of people and technology to provide image processing services to global clients. By leveraging our capabilities, you can be assured of superior quality services at minimized costs. Why Outsource Image Processing Services to Us?
We provide document image processing services that suit the needs of diverse clients. By outsourcing your requirements to us, you get access to capabilities that you may not have in-house. The synergy created by expert designers and animators working with sophisticated software ensures that the final output is of a superior quality. Some of our document image processing services includes:
  • Image editing
  • Image enhancement and retouchingv
  • Background editing
  • Masking and Composing
  • Color correction
  • File type conversion
  • Stock photo services
Benefits of Using Our Services
Outsourcing your requirements for data image processing services to E virtual services has many benefits. We can help you:
  • To get access to talented designers and animators. In addition, we can help you leverage sophisticated softwares. This optimum mix of talent and technology ensures that you get superior results every time you work with us
  • To get access to dedicated project managers that help you get superior results. They work to establish clear expectations at the start of the project. This keeps us sensitized to your needs and helps resolve any issues that may arise.
  • To get access to a skilled partner. We use a rigorous Quality Control (QC) process to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.
  • To get services customized to meet your specific requirements. We can deliver the final output in a format of your choice – jpg, gif, png, etc.
  • If you are looking for an outsourcing partner that can help you realize your vision for your business, your search ends with E virtual services!

    Image Processing Services

    Data cleansing services aim at streamlining data in the most methodical and organized manner. Data Cleansing Services are heavily outsourced to The Team Matrix by clients all over the world.

    Key Benefits Of Data Cleansing
    • Ability to Target Prospective Customers
    • Effective Business Development
    • Savings in Time
    • More value to Services
    • Improved accuracy in Data
    • Reduced operating costs

    All businesses face the problem of bad data overlapping with good new data due to improper or zero updation of old data.

    This acts like a virus and cripples a business internally. To target prospective customers the most updated data is a must. The data must be stored methodically to make access to data easy.
    Solution To The Big Problem
    When the same data is strewn in multiple places, it becomes outdated and useless. This is a matter of concern to most companies today.
    WHY The Team Matrix LLC?
    The Team Matrix offers a holistic data cleansing solution that takes care of all problems in data mining. Outsource data to The Team Matrix and get access to accurate data cleansing services at the most competitive rates.
    The Ultimate Solution
    The Team Matrix data cleansing services offer the ultimate solution.
    • Thousands of Satisfied Customers
    • Fastest Turn Around Time
    • Best of Teams in data cleansing services.

    Why Businesses Must Do Data Cleanslng?
    When a business thrives, customer base grows. Over a period of time the data gets cluttered. So Data cleansing helps in
    • Lowering the risk of improper data updation
    • Fast tracks updation of data
    • Removes outdated databases
    • Converts Data into usable formats
    • Quick Updation
    • Data Cleaning done at affordable rates

    End To The Menace Of Obsolete Data?
    Data cleansing services to The Team Matrix puts an end to all worries pertaining to inaccurate data.
    Why Outsource Data Cleansing to The Team Matrix?
      : The Team Matrix is an automatic choice for many global customers.
      : Outsourcing to The Team Matrix comes with many advantages

    Data Processing At The Team Matrix LLC
    When The Team Matrix takes up a data cleansing project, the following processes take place
    • Checks data accuracy
    • Removes duplicated as well as incorrect entries.
    • Specialized data cleansing experts cross check multiple data sources
    • Data access made easy
    • Uses multiple methods for data cleansing services
    • Unique treatment for each type of data at disposal.
    • High Security for Data
    • Highest Confidentiality
    • Maximum privacy of Data.

    Global Response The Team Matrix takes pride in its rich experience in Data Cleansing that has serviced thousands of global customers and transformed their business into engines of profit.

    Insurance Claims Processing

    Highest customer satisfaction is the key objective of all businesses. For the companies in insurance sector this is more important.

    How Claims Outsourcing Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Outsourcing of insurance claims processing to a skilled partner is more important in improving operating performance and in the delivery of better service to policyholders.
    • To Improve Operating Performance
    • To Enhance Service to Policyholders
    • To Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Core Strengths Of The Team Matrix In Claims Processing

    The Team Matrix deploys the optimum mix of talent and technology to provide insurance claims processing services to hundreds of global clients.
    • Best mix of Talented Professionals and Technology
    • High Quality Services to Global Clientele
    • Minimum Costs
    • In depth understanding about the requirements of Client
    • Developing customized solutions.

    Benefits To The Client

    When an insurance company goes for automating the claims process, the benefits are too many.
    • Improves quality of Service
    • Reduces Administrative Costs

    Insurance claims need faster processing and efficient solutions. By outsourcing health insurance claims, the turnaround time gets reduced in addition to the spurt in levels of accuracy at the processing stage. This helps the Client in providing empathetic services to its policyholders.
    • For Faster Processing
    • High levels of Accuracy
    • Empathetic Services to Policy holders

    Impressive Client Servicing

    The Team Matrix provides customized solutions with its longstanding experience in handling a different types of claims – individual physicians, institutional, behavioral health, pharmacy, dental, etc.

    The The Team Matrix Expertise

    By outsourcing insurance claims with The Team Matrix, a Client gets the opportunity to build his energies on the business critical areas of his business. By outsourcing Insurance claims access to professional managers happens. They ensure appropriate communication rhythm in addition to working with operational teams to ensure quality results in a timely manner
    • Customized Solutions
    • Experience in Handling Different Types of Claims
    • Physicians, Institutional, Pharmacy, Dental Clients
    In addition, the insurance claims processing services can leverage existing legacy system infrastructure and support new products and services.

    Client-Centric Services

    At every stage of the project execution, The Team Matrix has focused on the Client’s feedback and delivery of appropriate services that incorporates the feedback.
    • Constant Interaction with the Client
    • Innovating the delivery with the Client’s inputs
    The Team Matrix stands committed to provide the best service to all the clients. Prospective clients who are looking for an outsourcing partner to deliver great services, your search ends at The Team Matrix.

    Market Research Forms Processing

    Market research forms processing generally involves extracting information from customized forms, faxes, and scanned images and converting it into an electronic format. This electronic data is stored in a secure location and can be accessed from multiple locations.

    Understanding customer needs and proactively responding to them is critical in today’s dynamic business environment. By outsourcing your requirements for market research forms processing to a specialized vendor, you can ensure that critical information is converted into a usable format. An expert partner can help you quickly turn around huge volumes of work.

    Why Outsource Market Research Forms Processing to E Virtual Services?

    The Team Matrix has extensive experience in providing market research forms processing services to global customers. When you outsource market research forms processing to The Team Matrix, you get excellent results within tight deadlines. With us taking care of the non-functional work, you are free to focus your energy on utilizing market research information to create better value for your end customers. This strategy can help maximize customer satisfaction and help you survive in an increasingly competitive environment.

    Benefits of Using Our Services

    Outsourcing your requirements for market research forms processing to The Team Matrix has many benefits. We help you:
    • To gain access to state of the art infrastructure and technology. Apart from using manual data entry methods, we also undertake forms processing using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools for handwritten forms.
    • To get access to a skilled partner that assures you of quality output. We use a rigorous Quality Control (QC) process to ensure this.
    • Once our team of data entry operators has finished its work, a dedicated team of editors check the output to eliminate any grammatical or contextual errors.
    • To get access to a partner that understands the importance of preserving the confidentiality of your data. You can send us your input files in a number of ways including uploading them on our secure FTP server. At the time of delivery, we can send the final output through an encrypted email or you can download these files directly from the secure FTP.
    The Team Matrix believes in working as a partner for its customers. At the start of the relationship, our focus is on understanding your end-to-end business. This helps us align our efforts to help you achieve your goals for your business.

    Check Processing Services

    Check processing services is one of the field where our experts take the pledge to minimize the cost and risk factor involved in the process. We at The Team Matrix give our clients an edge in the global market scenario. Being one of the leaders in the data entry sector we put our best effort to provide services to our valued clients at a very nominal rate. We provide services to various financial institutions.

    Benefits of outsourcing The Team Matrix:

    • We are one of the leaders in the industry having a team of expert professionals.
    • We take care of all the check processing activities in least time and at a very affordable price.
    • Our team of experts takes optimum care to reduce any kind of risk.
    • We guarantee you supreme quality and accuracy.

    Why The Team Matrix:

    We offer you services with consistency, reliability and at an affordable processing cost. Our team of experts take a step ahead to make our clients feel safe not allowing any duplicity or fraud to happen. We at The Team Matrix follow a real time strategy to make sure our clients are at ease when it comes to check processing activities. We follow strict rules to save our clients’ time and money. Our mission is to give our clients the best possible services the relative field.

    Credit Card Processing Services

    In today’s fast changing economy plastic money has taken over cheque and cash in various occasions. We at The Team Matrix provide credit card processing services to various organizations. We are keen at providing you services at a nominal cost with utmost care. We handle all kinds of credit card processing services thereby reducing your effort and time.

    When you outsource credit card services to The Team Matrix, we can assure you

    • Power infrastructure and tools without making any added investments. Our team of experts is capable of delivering services with a great deal.
    • We keep a transparent policy with our clients and set the expectations before going to business.
    • We at The Team Matrix put our complete effort to provide you services to your satisfaction.

    Why The Team Matrix

    When you outsource us for your credit card processing services we at the foremost try to understand your business goals, so that we as a partner can help you achieving those with us handling the changing business scenarios. We have a team of professionals who comes up with various innovative ideas to keep you business safe and sound. As cyber crime has started to threaten everybody we take a step ahead to keep your business away from any such threat.

    We are committed to provide best class services involving various aspects in credit card processing. We take care:

    • Authorization services
    • Billing services
    • Payment (including e-Payment) processing
    • Cash management

    Transaction Processing Services

    Outsourcing has become an essential element for today’s business. Different companies in an order to survive in this cutthroat market, outsource many tasks to different vendors available. Transaction processing services is also one of them. This helps the companies to look after various other important tasks needed for the development of the company. E-virtual services is one such vendor whom you can trust upon. We provide transaction processing services to various organizations and being able to gain trust from them.

    Why The Team Matrix

    Every company has a mission and we at E-virtual services understand the mission of our business partners and help them achieving their desired goal. In doing so we take care of the fact that how important is it for you to have a smooth operation. We thus put our sincere efforts to make your business grow providing you the best available services at an affordable cost. We provide claims processing, order processing and all other related services.

    When you outsource these services to us we assure of best quality services at a very affordable cost. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who take care of every detail during the process. Our team of professionals are dedicated towards the service we provide thereby strengthening the bond with our clients. We at E-virtual services strongly believe that a healthy relationship with our clients will help us both grow in the relative fields. Come forth and contact us for any outsourcing need and we’ll do it for you in the best possible way.

    Survey Processing Services

    Survey is a critical tool for the enhancement of any business. Surveys are mainly done to get the feedback from the customers in an order to compute the performance of any organization. Since the market scenario changes from time to time, companies need to conduct surveys to cope up with the market. We at The Team Matrix understand the need of the market and offer our clients efficient survey processing services at an affordable price.

    How we do it

    We include all the necessary steps involved in a survey process. Our team of experts has designed the process in a way which handles the whole range of process. We gather all the important information needed for the process before starting the process. The data gathered are scrutinized before doing the data entry. We also perform statistical test before the completion of the process. We schedule the process before we start to make it less time consuming.

    Why The Team Matrix

    As an outsourcing vendor we provide you the best available services. Our team of experts always looks for a better way to serve our clients. We try to build a strong bond with our clients to understand their business needs help them getting on to the top. With us we’ll find the best partner in the market to do business with. We always look forward to provide you the best in a time bound spirit with all the expertise we hold.

    Data Reduplication Services

    According to some studies, most of the companies have multiple copies of data and they use more than 100 times the amount of storage space needed with reduplication. Data re-duplication reduces redundancy. Many Companies have now realized this fact that data reduplication is mandatory of IT strategy.

    At The Team Matrix, we offer Data Re -Duplication services to our clients. Data reduplication reduces your data storage costs by decreasing the disk space required to store data whether it’s related to data backups or primary production data. Our professionals will eliminate coarse-grained redundant data for you.

    Benefits of using our Data reduplication services:

    • Data reduplication is related to storage, reduces the amount of storage needed for a given set of files.
    • Data reduplication provides separate system for each virtual server.
    • Network Data reduplication is used to reduce the number o bytes that are being transferred from the source point to the destination point.
    So, choose our Data reduplication services and reduce your data storage costs….

    Fulfillment And Mailing Services

    In an order to build a strong relationship with our clients, we at evirtual services emphasize on an efficient fulfillment facility thereby providing excellent mailing services. We use various tools to keep a track of any shipment so that we can deliver more efficiently. A strong team of professionals work toward a similar goal to render the best possible services to our valued clients. We also try to provide services at a very cost effective price.

    From inventory and warehousing to sample fulfillment we undertake all the services needed to be taken care during the fulfillment process. .

    The Team Matrix also do a list of work as a part of the mailing services, which includes laser printing, creative designing and so on.

    Why The Team Matrix

    We at The Team Matrix have an inclusive inventory system which helps us in providing you the best mail management services. The quality of the service has always been our prime concern because we understand the value of your money.

    When we have a shipment to be delivered we always look forward for the safety measures to be taken during the process. At the end we also make sure that the package has been delivered safely and promptly.

    We put endless effort to make our clients satisfied for doing business with us. We have a strong team of professionals who always work toward the betterment of our clients. We do shipment of any product irrespective of their shape and size. For any queries we also have a team who works round the clock to give you services with excellent quality.

    Mailing List Compilation Services

    As outsourcing has become an essential factor for any business, companies today outsource various works to any skilled vendor. It helps the company to be at ease and enables the company explore various other fields of business. Mailing list compilation is also one such work which different companies would like to outsource.

    The Team Matrix among various other services provide mailing list compilation to its valued and esteemed clients. It has always been an endless effort at The Team Matrix to provide value for money services. We merge together with our clients to understand their business necessities and help them achieving them. .

    Why The Team Matrix

    Many companies spend a lot during the process of mailing list compilation. However there is a risk factor involved if the companies failed to target the right market.

    In an order to minimize the risk we at The Team Matrix take a step further and do a market research and compile the list according to your business requirements. We take help of all available sources to get data before compiling the list. We take care of data entry, formatting and resorting files, splitting or combining fields and so on.

    The companies get benefited in several ways in doing business with The Team Matrix. It is our prime concern to give our clients the value for money. The companies can utilize their time and effort in other core areas of business. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who always work toward the benefit of the clients. The services we render at The Team Matrix are of excellent quality.

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