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Content Management System is all about the management of digital content through its lifecycle. It is a powerful software application that makes the content creation, editing and maintenance of the web pages in an easy way. The Team Matrix can help you to manage your static or dynamic website by incorporating our web content management system that is to your website. In case, if you are someone that who is looking out for developing a new website with a CMS where The team Matrix can develop a website from grate for you.

Content can be in the form of images, audio, videos and also multimedia where its key features is included the advanced security management, user friendly content editors, advanced workflow approval process, mobile services support and much more.

CMS Services at The Team Matrix:

  • We have several years of experience in working on a major portal content management systems such as expression engine, context, joomla, mambo, typo3, drupal, geek log, PHP-Nuke, Post-Nuke, site frame and loops
  • You can get any one of the content management systems that is customized for your unique needs and that is integrated into your website from The Team Matrix
  • You can influence The Team Matrix services in the custom developing a CMS for your website
  • You can get to save maximum price on your operating costs
  • Maximum performance levels of the CMS is guaranteed
  • Our expert programmers have worked on a number of projects for the customers across the world

Benefits of web content management system from The Team Matrix:

  • Quick and easy process for updating the website on the addition or removal of content
  • Easily customizable web page designs and templates
  • A simple user interfaces design that does not require you to hire a program to edit the content on your website. Any nontechnical author of content can be used for the CMS.
  • Search engine friendly CMS which efficiently manages the meta tags for the web pages
  • In-built website the traffic tracking and analysis system
  • Simple meta tag management
  • You can establish a structured workflow and in-house process for publishing
  • Secured content security with the restricted access and strong data protection methods
  • Allows multiple publishers to upload content
  • Easy images are uploading and flash content management system
  • Regular and easy archiving of web pages

Features of CMS

    Features can be different amongst the various CMS offerings, but the core functions are frequently considered to be indexing, search and retrieval, format management, revision control and publishing.
  • Natural indexing, search and recovery features index of all the data for easy contact through the search functions and allow the users to search by attributes like publication dates, keywords or author.
  • Format management to make an easy turn that is scanned the paper documents and legacy electronic documents that are into HTML or PDF documents.
  • Revision features allows the content that to be updated and edited after the initial publications. The revision will control the tracks any of the changes that are made to the files by the individuals.
  • By publishing the functionality that allows the individuals that is to use a template or a set of templates which is approved by the organization, as well as wizards and another type of tools that is to create or modify the content.

Other popular features of CMS include:

  • SEO friendly URLs
  • The integrated and online help which includes the discussion boards
  • Group based permission systems
  • Full template support and customizable templates
  • Easy wizards that are based on installing and versioning procedures
  • Admin panel with the multiple language support
  • Content pecking order with the unlimited depth and size
  • Minimal server requirements
  • Integrated file managers
  • Integrated audit logs